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Health and athletic body shape require constant attention. No one is healthy and athletic far enough to stop paying attention to his or her body. In addition, absolutely healthy and fully confident people do not exist — we all have some work to do. And running helps to work on your body in a lot […]
Are you fully satisfied with the process and the result of your run? Even if you answer affirmatively, there is still something that you would like to improve. Our simple tips can help you improve the quality of the run and its results. Perhaps these tips will help you to take another look at familiar […]
We all make mistakes. This is especially true of those fields of activity in which we have little experience. Naturally, we are starting to run when we still do not have a lot of experience. Over time, we are forming certain habits and patterns of behavior. Unfortunately, not all of them are useful. Let’s try […]
There are many ways to improve the performance of your running workout. One approach is to purchase high quality gadgets and equipment. Various items of equipment and gadgets will help you not only to increase the comfort during exercise, but also to improve its results.
Most runners love the summer, despite the heat, which it brings. Secrets of experienced runners can help you to increase the level of comfort when running on summer days. These methods do not require an additional level of training or serious time and effort. Some tips may consider obvious. Nevertheless, the majority ignores them, preferring […]
Hydration is extremely important in all phases of training: from preparation to recovery period after the completion of the race or the load. The absence of a sufficient amount of fluid in the body can not only lead to discomfort during exercise or running, but also to serious disturbances in the work of internal organs. […]
Do I need to drink while running – that is a question that still remains highly controversial among scientists and athletes. There are many studies that support the different theories, but the whole picture is still incomplete. It often happens that a new study refutes the results obtained years earlier. In addition, the interpretation of […]