The Most Common Mistakes of Runners

We all make mistakes. This is especially true of those fields of activity in which we have little experience. Naturally, we are starting to run when we still do not have a lot of experience. Over time, we are forming certain habits and patterns of behavior. Unfortunately, not all of them are useful.

Let’s try to understand what habits harm our body during exercises and after their completion. We present the most common mistakes that runners make and which form wrong habits. Check them out and be cautious!

The Beginning

Quick start should not exceed your natural abilities. Remember that any gains should come gradually. You can not go directly to the marathon. Your body is just not ready to satisfy your ambitions. Therefore humble yourselves to the inability to get “all at once” and work successively. The best strategy is to increase the distance of your run by 10 percent each week.

This advice also applies to experienced athletes who are recovering from serious injuries. In this case, you should also start your journey from the beginning.

Poor Refueling

Food and water are the sources of our energy for workouts. If you eat and drink not properly or not enough, an exercise would not bring a desired result. Proper nutrition requires food with a high content of carbon in a pre-workout period and meals with high protein after a workout.

And do not forget about water. Dehydration can harm not only the results of your training, but also directly to your health. Drink plenty of water before, during and after a run. For comfortable refueling during races using special equipment: hydration running belt with water bottles or hydration backpack with water bladder.

Sun Protection

In general, the sun has a beneficial effect on our body. But long-term training requires the additional protection for your skin from excessive solar radiation. Otherwise you run the risk of sunburn, which do not improve your athletic performance, as well as your health.

While running, use a sunscreen with an SPF level of more than 30 points. Remember that your primary goal is not to tan but to exercise and to stick to healthy lifestyle.

Stretching before a Run

Warming up muscles before a run is strongly required. Lack of warm-up before training greatly increases the chance of getting a sprain or other muscle injuries. And injuries lead not only to painful feelings, but also to a loss of shape. Recovering from injuries takes a lot of time, because you should start your way from the very beginning.

Think about whether you prefer the saving of 5-10 minutes of warm up to the loss of months of possible injury`s recovery.

Basic Exercises

Running should not be the only exercise that you perform regularly. You must tap all muscle groups, if you want to maintain your body in shape. The basic of exercises will help you. The coach in the gym should help you to choose a suitable complex.

Ignoring the basic exercises can lead to the fact that you will feel malaise and weakness after running. This is a signal from the muscles about your inappropriate running load.

Fast Running

You do not have to strive for the world record of running speed. Remember your main task: to keep the body in good shape. Distribute the load evenly over the entire route.

GPS-navigators and smart watches can help you with completing this task. Control of speed and distance is very important for novice runners who are not yet aware of their capabilities and limitations.


Do not overestimate the knowledge of your own body. Self-medication can cause even more damage than no treatment at all. However, do not ignore the opportunity to see a doctor when you detect any deviations from the normal state of your body.

If something hurts more than three days, then the help of a doctor is critically needed. Do not be afraid to appear weak. Being stupid is much worse. Therefore, choose a reasonable tactic and leave medical care for doctors.

Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep is harmful to our body at all levels: reduced immunity and endurance, decreased level of attention, deteriorating of the mood. Do not indulge yourself in a healthy sleep, because it can affect the success in all areas of your life.

If you can not determine the optimal number of hours to sleep, the modern gadgets will help you with this task. Special applications for smartphones or smart watches will be engaged in the analysis of all parameters of your body while you are asleep and will give you the needed tips to improve the quality of sleeping.

Lack of Rest

Do not push it to the limit. Do not forget to give your body a rest from training. This will help to avoid the increased risk of injury and improve your psychological health. The minimum amount of rest is one day per week.

If you feel very tired from running and have a lack of motivation for further training, give yourself an extra day or two of rest per week.


Remember the main rule: we run for pleasure and health. Not to prove that we are better than others. Not for self-affirmation. Therefore, any stress during or after the races shows that you have chosen the wrong attitude to run.

Make running your hobby: the activity, that brings pleasure. In this case, you do not need additional advice. The most comfortable and pleasant things will come naturally.


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