Good Advice for Runners

Are you fully satisfied with the process and the result of your run? Even if you answer affirmatively, there is still something that you would like to improve. Our simple tips can help you improve the quality of the run and its results. Perhaps these tips will help you to take another look at familiar things that you already stop paying attention at, despite their importance.

The choice of Footwear

Comfortable shoes are the key to your high level of satisfaction during the run. You can not run properly if you feel discomfort. And this should not be tolerated. If you still have not chosen the best pair of shoes for running, then right now is the best time to do it.

Note the knots that you use for tying shoelaces. Try to avoid double knots. They can bring you a variety of inconvenience during the run.

Another viable approach is to run barefoot. This may seem unrealistic at first. But many runners who refuse shoes, feel that they have made an important and right choice. This approach may be the only way out if you have been looking for the right shoes, but just can not find them. Naturally, you should carefully choose a route for running barefoot, to protect themselves from the mechanical damage.

Pace of Runs

Should I run fast or slow? This question is asked often by novice runners. There are different approaches to this issue. But the best tactic is to choose your own pace, which combines comfort and adequate load on your body while running.

In fact, no one knows your body and your needs better than you do. So you need to experiment with different speeds of running to produce the most pleasant and effective approach. It may take a long time, but the result is worth the time and effort invested.

The Ability to Listen to Your Body

Always pay attention to the reaction of your body to a particular load. For example, if you feel that you need to drink while running, you should not deny yourself for the sake of fashion trends or to authoritative sources.

But first make sure that the refueling while running does not cause additional discomfort. Use hydration running belt with water bottles or hydration backpack with water bladder for a comfortable replenishment water balance while running.

Enjoy Running

You do not like to run? Perhaps you just do not find the necessary conditions. Try to run at different times of the day, with friends or alone, in the city or at the park, a long or short route. Options are countless.

Remember that the ability to run is your gift. Think about how you would react to unlimited opportunities to run, if you interfere with an illness or injury. Appreciate the possibility that you have been given for free.


Do Not Overload Yourself by Calculations

Modern gadgets provide many interesting opportunities for runners. You can measure distance, time, indicators of your body, and more. But do not get carried away with the calculations. Running is not mathematics. We run for the sake of health and pleasure, not for a specific mathematical problem.

Listen to the Advice

Useful tips can be obtained from various sources. Polls show that runners listen to the advice of such sources as:

  • 36% read specialized publication.
  • 33% trust friends.
  • 23% listen to the coach.
  • 4% ask advice in the stores, which are specializing in gear for runners.
  • 3% goes to the doctor for advice.


Listen to the advice or choose your own unique way? The choice is always yours. If you want to get the most out of the run, then find the answer to this question as early as possible. As long as you do not give up on the idea of running. This can be called quires your defeat. Since you refuse yourself in a pleasant and useful leisure time.


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