How To Keep Cool During Summer Runs

Most runners love the summer, despite the heat, which it brings. Secrets of experienced runners can help you to increase the level of comfort when running on summer days. These methods do not require an additional level of training or serious time and effort. Some tips may consider obvious. Nevertheless, the majority ignores them, preferring to complain about the heat, but do not do anything to improve their own training experience.

Read our simple tips and you will never complain about the summer as the season, which prevents your active training.

Choosing the right time

Schedule for jogging is a very important element of a healthy lifestyle. If you run without a schedule, the training results may be worse than you expect. With specific regard to the summer schedule, it must necessarily take into account the specific features of the season. Use the opportunity to run in the early morning and late evening, when the sun does not burn by its rays, but still provides enough coverage for a comfortable run. Morning jogging provide you with a further charge of energy for the whole day and evening run allows to relax after a busy day at the office: changing the type of activity is always helpful.

You can also take the opportunity to run at home or in the gym, if taking the time early in the morning or late at night is not possible.

Water as a key aspect of training

Proper water intake during exercise is a special science. We will not dwell on all aspects connected with the right hydration during exercises. However, we share the main pieces advice with you.

Firstly, you should drink about 8 ounces of water before exercise (an hour or two before the race). Secondly, it is necessary to use water sparingly during the run. You can drink water with comfort with the help of hydration running belt with water bottles or hydration backpack with water bladder. Third, properly recuperate after a workout with the help of special electrolyte-filled sports drink. Also you can do it with pure water.

Choosing the right path

Places that you use for running, not only create a certain mood, but also can reduce the effect of the summer heat. We recommend choosing routes that pass near water: rivers, lakes, seas and oceans perfectly cool, especially if you’re running early in the morning or late in the evening, as we were advised earlier.

Very suitable for jogging is any park where you can run around on the grass or ground cover. Asphalt tends to be hot and to reflect solar radiation, so jogging on city streets is hardly the most pleasant and healthy exercise.

Select the right clothes

The level of comfort of your run will largely depend on the chosen clothes. For the summer season it is better to choose light colors that reflect the sun rays rather than absorb them with dark clothing.

Selecting all-natural clothes for jogging can also result in not the most pleasant conclusion. Most of the modern runners prefer clothes from hypoallergenic synthetic fibers, which absorb less sweat and let the skin breathe freely.

Protect your skin from the sun

Using sunscreen is not only important for a hike to the beach, but also for jogging in the summer. Sunscreen not only prevents injury from violent summer sun, but also prevents overheating of the body through the skin. This effect is achieved due to the reflection of sunlight, and by reducing its impact on the skin surface temperature.

We recommend you to choose a sunscreen with a protection level of 30 points and more.

Do not forget about the headgear

The strongest impact of the summer sun has on our head. Sunstroke can be obtained even in the early morning or late at evening, if you do not protect your head with the right headgear.

Choose breathable and light material, so as not to overheat your head while running.

Precooling before jogging

Precooling of the body will allow you to achieve the best results in the race. Gradually, the body temperature will rise anyway. But if you set a lower degree to start, then during a workout you will feel better because the body will be heated for longer.

The most simple ways to precool: take a cool or cold shower, grab a cool drink and stay at an air-conditioned room.


The level of comfort while running in summer is different for each of us. But the above tips will help to reduce the discomfort to a minimum level and to fully enjoy the season, which is best suited to outdoor runs. Enjoy the summer and running!


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