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Hydration & Dehydration

Most runners love the summer, despite the heat, which it brings. Secrets of experienced runners can help you to increase the level of comfort when running on summer days. These methods do not require an additional level of training or serious time and effort. Some tips may consider obvious. Nevertheless, the majority ignores them, preferring […]
Hydration is extremely important in all phases of training: from preparation to recovery period after the completion of the race or the load. The absence of a sufficient amount of fluid in the body can not only lead to discomfort during exercise or running, but also to serious disturbances in the work of internal organs. […]
Do I need to drink while running – that is a question that still remains highly controversial among scientists and athletes. There are many studies that support the different theories, but the whole picture is still incomplete. It often happens that a new study refutes the results obtained years earlier. In addition, the interpretation of […]