Most Useful High-Tech Gear for Runners

There are many ways to improve the performance of your running workout. One approach is to purchase high quality gadgets and equipment. Various items of equipment and gadgets will help you not only to increase the comfort during exercise, but also to improve its results.

Today we shall talk about the most useful gear for runners. The list includes a variety of items. Each member of this list will help you to improve one of the many aspects of proper training. You do not have to buy all of the gadgets at once.

A more reasonable approach would be to pre-inspect and assess the need for each of them individually, in accordance with the objectives of your running and ways to achieve your goals. After all, each of us has his own style, pace and understanding of comfort during the exercise. We advise you to pick only those gadgets that are increasingly useful, but all of them receive positive feedback from the runners.

Waistband Sensor

Waistband Sensor is used to measure various parameters of movement and the state of your body while running. This sensor is mounted near the spine via the clip over the edge of your shorts or pants. For gathering the information about the state of your body you do not need to carry a mobile phone while running. But to determine the geolocation and receive live audio tips you will need a phone with installed application.

One of the most popular gadgets of this type is a Lumo Run. It measures the speed and rhythm of your running, jumping height when running, the movement of the pelvis, and more. Based on these data in the application on the phone you can generate the individual running program. This program will include the optimal level of load and its duration.

Hydration Running Belt

Hydration Running Belt allows you to take a run with two bottles of water. The belt also has several pockets in which you can put your smartphone, player or other necessary things while jogging: gadgets, documents, keys and other small items.

Hydration Running Belt by Winneco

With Hydration Running Belt, you can forget about the problem of dehydration while running. This portable water bottles will not hinder your movements while running and will not burden you with their weight. This is an excellent solution for both novice runners who do not yet know how much water they need while running, as well as for experienced athletes who take for a run is not only water, but also additional gadgets.

Chest Pod

Chest Pods perform similar functions with Waistband Sensors. They also produce comprehensive measurements of body condition and dynamics of movement while running. The practical difference is in the way of wearing this gadget. It is attached to a special belt on the chest of the runner.

Chest Pods are also synchronized with the app on your smartphone for the formation of individual training program based on the data obtained by the analysts. The choice between Waistband Sensor and Chest Pod should be based on your personal comfort. Choose the way of wearing the gadget, which will not cause discomfort and will not stop running.

Waterproof Jacket

Cancelling training because of the rain is not necessary now. Waterproof Jacket will help you to feel comfortable during the run, even in the pouring rain. As a rule, waterproof jackets for runners equipped with a hood and pockets for gadgets. You can be sure about the safety of your smartphone, chest pod or a smart watch, if you use high-quality waterproof jacket.

Waterproof Jackets are often available in bright colors and with fluorescent stripes. Thus you become more visible, and lower your risk of falling under the wheels of a car or a bike under reduced visibility during rain.

Smart Watch

Smart Watch can replace your smartphone while running. The functions of this gadget allow you to listen to music, receive messages and calls, measure pace of your training and the basic body’s vital signs. So Smart Watch combines entertainment and useful training function.

There are plenty of Smart Watches. First and foremost when choosing you must rely on the operating system of the gadget. The main options are gadgets on Android and iOS basis. Choose Smart Watch so that it could be compatible with your other mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).

Fitness Smart Socks

Fitness Smart Socks are also designed for live measurements of your body parameters and performance of your run. Socks made from special fibers, which allow the feet to breathe during high load. Special anklet is attached to the top of the sock on the magnet. This bracelet deals with measuring the required parameters and transmit them in a special application on your smartphone.

Fitness Smart Socks have improved capabilities not only to measure the number of steps, your speed and calories, but also measure the cadence and foot landing technique. These two parameters allow to prevent possible injury by optimizing the running style.

Fitness Insoles

Fitness Insoles are designed to increase your comfort and reduce the risk of injuries while running. Modern insoles for athletes are made of high-tech fabrics with several layers. They protect your feet from unpleasant odors, germs and static electricity due to friction.

Using sports insoles is important not just for runners, but also for those who are training in gyms and just loves long walks. These insoles help you to get rid of rubbing feet in shoes and of heaviness in the legs after long walks or workouts.

Modern Sport Shoes

Comfort while running depends mostly on the properly chosen sport shoes. At the moment there is a huge range of shoes specifically designed for runners. The problem is that the individual selection of the optimum running shoes can take a long time.

You can adjust the shoe disadvantages using fitness smart socks and insoles, but the desired effect can only be achieved if all three of these elements are perfectly matched to the structure of your foot.


Most runners like to jog with music. We have already figured out about placing the player of the smartphone with a special outfit, but the headphones still remain a contentious issue. The most comfortable form factor for the runners will be earplugs. But even among them, the choice is very large.

As with sports shoes, you should focus on the features of your body. In this case we are talking about the shape of the ear. This part of the body is as unique in its structure as fingerprints. Therefore such headphones that are perfect for one person, may cause a sharp discomfort to another. Try the different models and choose the optimal earbuds, which you do not feel like a foreign body, even during long run.


Glasses for runners are considered as an optional attribute. However, experienced runners know that without good glasses it is difficult to enjoy a run on a sunny day. Please note that the glasses for runners are fitted with special shackles for fixing behind the ears and close-fitting to the nose structure. These features allow glasses to be held without hesitation during the most intense runs.

Try to choose glasses with lenses having a chameleon effect. These glasses will change the transparency level according to the brightness of the sun light. This will help you see the road well, not only in sunny but also in a murky day.


We advise you to choose only high quality products from the direct manufacturers, so as not to be disappointed in a particular item of equipment for a runner. Try to gradually increase your inventory slots, instead of purchasing all the items at once.

We wish you a very pleasant running along with the best gear for runners!


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